Friday, September 28, 2012

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

     A couple of weeks ago, when I was on hiatus (that makes me sound important, right,) something hilarious/terrible happened.  I had the day off from work, and was all by my onesies while the kids were in school.  I should have done something awesome with my free time like throw a kegger, but instead I was slaving over Halloween decorations.  Anyhoozle, while I was getting my hot glue on, I got a phone call.  From my kids' principal.  Zoinks.  Apparently, Sassafrass, my darling six year old, was in the office.  Her offense?  Calling a little boy in her class a dick.  (In her defense, he was totally being a dick.  In my defense, she actually didn't hear that from me.  Any other curse word I could probably lay claim to, but I really don't know where she picked up this one.)  After my immediate horror subsided, I started getting a little pissy.  The intellectual part of me said, "That's unacceptable.  She can't just walk around calling people names.  Especially ones like that."  However, the dirty, damn the man hippie in me said, "That's horseshit!  Who decides what a bad word is?  If she had called the kid a poopy-head, she would have just pulled a quarter in class.  But, she calls a kid a word that's arbitrarily designated as a 'bad word,' and all hell breaks loose.  Shenanigans, I say!"  I'm still conflicted.  Obviously, because I'm a sell-out, I gave her a good talking to about curse words and name calling and all that jazz.  But it still just makes me all mangry thinking about it.  Not the school's reaction, really, just how random language is.  I'm tired.  And digressing.  Does anyone out there get as hot and bothered about stupid crap like this as I do, or is my crazy just showing?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stuff That Happened

     Alternate title: Reasons That I Have Been A Terrible Blog Owner And Reader These Last Few Weeks, But Am Now Crawling On My Hands And Knees, Singing, "Baby Come Back," Because I Desperately Need The Community And Place To Vent. 
  1. School started back, which went surprisingly well...
  2. ...until it didn't.
  3. I started back to work as to alleviate our crushing poverty.
  4. I caught the three week funk.  Again.
  5. I had (and am currently in the throes of) a Lyme disease flare-up.
  6. Stupid people.
  7. Halloween.  It's like Skeletor's Christmas, and, much like at Christmas, I stress out about every little thing while trying to make it fantastic.  I want it to look like Halloween threw up in my house, and right now it only looks like it may have dry heaved a little.
  8. Autism (duh-doy.)
     In conclusion, take mercy on my wretched soul, and welcome me back into the bosom that is this blogging community.  Sincerely, Sanstrousers.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Victory Shriek!

     As some of you may know, when my kids started back to school recently, I was terrified of how my dear, sweet Skeletor was going to fare in kindergarten.  I didn't know if the more structured environment would make his behavior better or worse.  I didn't know if we made the right decision by having him attend resource classes for part of the day.  And, most of all, I had absolutely no idea whether he would be able to function academically.  Because, as everyone who knows him can attest, the boy has plenty of information in his head, but getting him to let it out at the appropriate time is the hard part.  Well, I still have plenty of fears, but look at his test from this past Friday!  Say, what?!  That's right; my boy made a 100!  You'll have to excuse me now.  I'm off to walk around and gloat.

Yes, this is the worst scan ever, but I'm tired.
He correctly identified all that jazz up there!  Yeah, boy!