We're All Quite Mad Here

     Hello.  My name is Inigo Montoya Kristi, or Sanstrousers, or supreme ruler.  Pretty much whatever you'd like to call me.  Within reason!  Let's not be ugly, now!  I started this blog because the whole "repressing my emotions" thing was starting to manifest itself physically.  I have four beautiful children and a goofy goober husband in my life.  I'm a medic in the National Guard, and a veteran.  I've got Lyme Disease, which sucks.  And my youngest child is on the autism spectrum, which sucks, too...sometimes.  Also, I love lamp.  You can click on this little linky-poo if you would like to gather more intel on me and my family (and why wouldn't you?)  Below you will find some mug shots of me and my partners in crime.  Enjoy.  Ya'll come back now, ya'hear?

Me with a purple pumpkin. 
No reason.  Just because.

My husband, Captain Gingerbeard.
Despite appearances, he's a very cool guy.

Smarty Pants is 10. 
Miss Priss is 8.
Sassafrass is 6.

Skeletor is 5.

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