Things Heard Around The House

     For those of you who don't know, I love to jump on a good band wagon.  So, I have decided to enthrall you with the ridiculous things that come out of the mouths of my family.  I definitely stole the idea from How To Be A Dad, among others.  It's not copyright infringement if I give them credit, right?  Right???

  • "After him, my titties!"  -Skeletor attempting to say 'my pretties.'  I think.
  • "I thought Mrs. Obama was Miss America!"  -Smarty Pants upon seeing the Miss America pageant.
  • "You go loco on me, I'll go loco on you."  -Sassafrass, with no provocation.
  •  "Hurry up, man.  Time is money."  -Skeletor ushering me out the front door.
  • "I'm going to be a commander of slaves!"  -Sassafrass, again without provocation.
  • "Mooooooooo."  -Skeletor's response to being told one of my pictures was of a 50 cal(iber.)  He thought I said 50 cow, apparently. 
  • "Hola.  Me llamo biblioteca."  -The only Spanish Smarty Pants knows, sadly.
  • "I can swim better than Hasselhoff!"  -Skeletor.
  • "The baby's coming!"  -Sassafrass while in a public bathroom at age four.  I love telling people this one.
  • "I'm watching the Tennessee House of Representatives vote.  It's pretty gangster."  -Captain Gingerbeard.

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