Get The Camera!

     Pretty self-explanatory.  These are all things that made me say, "Get the camera!"  They are definitely not in chronological order, because the thought of doing that made my head hurt.

Tearing down the house, piece by piece.

Daddy made them a mud hole to play in...

Smarty Pants channeling Lady Gaga.

There's teddy bear murder afoot!

He snuck off and reverse mohawked himself.

Shaving cream.

How Skeletor decorates cookies.

Miss Priss loves cupcakes.

Sassafrass got busted.  Those lip prints are still all over my cabinets.

My bestest friend, code name Slapajawea.  She fell in poop water.

Don't mind me.  Just picking up some odds and ends.

Permanent marker.


Apparently I was working the amberlance with Howie Mandel that day.

Poor Captain Gingerbeard!  What have they done to you?

This is what the inside of an olden timey printer looks like.

The Captain will not be pleased that I put this one on here.

Not permanent, for once.

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