Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stuff. And Things.

     Hi, everyone!  Did you miss me?  Was your life a deep, black, soul-sucking abyss without me?  No?  Ok, that's cool, too.  I have been on what some may call a sabbatical, but what I like to refer to as my bi-annual nervous breakdown.  Don't worry.  I wasn't hauled off in a self-hugging white coat or anything.  I just had to jettison all the unnecessary luggage in my life for a while so we didn't all go down in flames.  But things are beginning to smooth themselves out a little, so I'm going to be catching you up on everything you've missed in the last three months.  Which, believe it or not, we actually had some pretty big moments.  It began when Skeletor asked me why he was different.  Then came the Talk, when we told him that he has Autism.  We also had the talk with the siblings.  Then I went to the kids' school to talk to them about Autism.  There have also been tons of other non-Autism-y things, as well.  As there often are, you know?  But, I digress.  The point is that I'm back.  Rejoice.  I command it.  (Please?)

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  1. I love that you went there and talked to the students. Educations is so powerful. Boom

    1. Thanks. I definitely had to explain to a group of five year olds why my hands were shaking, but they seemed remarkably accepting of my craziness.

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