Saturday, January 26, 2013

Skeletor's Birthday Bash!

     My sweet angel baby, Skeletor, turned 6 on Wednesday.  We had a small family party on Sunday.  It all went quite smoothly considering that we went out to eat at my place of employment.  As this was only Skeletor's second time at a restaurant that doesn't have a playground, I was nervous.  But it all went well.  Cake was eaten, presents were opened, pinatas were beaten.  Good times all around.  I will now bombard you with pictures.  You're welcome.

Kick-ass shark cake!

Birthday boy!

Miss Priss and Sassafrass looking so sweet.

My brother, Mr. Awesome, and my mom, The Mamaw.

Smarty Pants looking so grown!  :(

"I'm going to eat you, lobster."

Decisions are hard.

Captain Gingerbeard looks veeerrrry sleeeeepy.

Some random hobo in a Red Lobster  jacket.

The girl's got skills.

The face of pure happiness.

Shark cage!

Beat that shark like he owes you money!


My mom likes toys.

Skeletor's shark face.

Sharks are delicious.

Cupcakes for school.  And that's all, folks!


  1. Happy Birthday Skeletor! That picture of him biting into the shark cake is priceless!! Looks like a great time!

    1. He had a blast, and thoroughly enjoyed shoving his face in that cake!

  2. Ha! I LOVE the shark-cake-biting!!!! Happy birthday Skeletor!

  3. Shark cake, shark cupcakes, shark pinata? Please plan my next birthday!

  4. I agree -- love the one of him biting into his cake! Also, the pinata one is great. Happy birthday to your guy!

  5. That looks like a very fun birthday. Love the cake!