Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well Played, Captain Gingerbeard. Well played.

     This post was going to be about the many ways that my dear husband, Captain Gingerbeard, kicks ass at shamming.  Shamming is a military term (at least that's the only place that I've ever heard it) that basically means to do as little work as possible.  If you can also look like you are actually working while in the process of not working, then you have truly mastered the art of shamming.  And then you should be teaching classes on it to underprivileged kids or something.  Quit being selfish with your gifts, asshole.  God don't like ugly. 
     ANYWAY.  The Captain is just amazing at shamming.  He can find so many ways to get out of doing things, but he always has a semi-valid excuse.  Like, if he didn't have these excuses every single time, then you would totally believe him and let him off the hook.  But, it's every freaking time!  So, today, when I asked him pretty please with sugar on top to vacuum before he left for work, he had an excuse.  It took massive amounts of badgering on my part, but he finally quit thinking of reasons why he couldn't do it, and just did it.  Much like Nike.  The shoe company, not the god.  Or was it a goddess?  Oh, well, I don't care enough to Google it. 
     So, the guy vacuums like the peach that he is, but I still feel like I can be mad because I had to beg him to do it.  But, when I get up from taking a well-deserved nap (badgering is tiring,) he has also washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen!  And now, instead of him owing me, I have now promised him favors...!  How did this happen?!  Sneaky, sneaky Gingerbeard...

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