Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Keep Your Head Down And Pray For Bedtime!

     Jesus, Mary and Jo-jo, it's been one of those days!  I had to pick Skeletor up early from school for a doctor's appointment, thus throwing off his whole routine.  And thuslier, pretty much guaranteeing a hellacious evening for the whole family.  But, I'm too tired and cranky to bore you with the itenerary of my pity party.  So, I will just leave you with this.  Because it makes me giggly, and it's my family's un-official themesong.  (We don't have an official one, but I don't know what makes this one unworthy of that title.  Fine.  It's our Official Family Themesong!)

Uh-oh, banana time!

 P.S.  As I know for a fact that "thuslier" is not a word, I'm forced to work under the assumption that my spellcheck is on break.  So ignore any spelling errors you may come across.  This spelling nazi thanks you.


  1. We saw this on Tosh.O and made the mistake of playing for our kids who run around the house singing "Banana Power!" all too often. Kind of love it that you have it going on too.

    1. That's awesome! My son's favorite part is when the girl starts singing, "I am chicken!"