Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Purple People Eater

     As I was driving out to the kids' school this afternoon, my mind started to wander.  Because who pays attention to the road while driving, amiright?  Anyway, I'm thinking my thoughts and whatnot, and I am suddenly reminded of the 80's movie "Purple People Eater."  (No, I don't know what prompted this crazy train back to my childhood; I tend to just go with it.)

Not at all unsettling.
     And then it occurs to me how much Skeletor would love this movie!  And then it further occurs to me (occurses?) that Skeletor is a bit of an anachronism.  (Thanks for teaching me that word, Dresden Dolls!)  He would have absolutely loved the 80's and all of its scary, slightly inappropriate children's movies!  Think about it: Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Return to Oz, Legend, The Neverending Story, The Hugga Bunch Movie (particularly creepy to me,) Garbage Pail Kids!  You could go on forever!  He has already seen a couple of these movies, and really enjoyed them.  And I can't wait to unearth more of my childhood traumas with him!  Huzzah to the 80's!

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